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Men and Women Speak Out About Online Dating Sites

23. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet beautiful Ukrainian bride, "Romile"A recent article on RussianProfile.org reports that millions of Russians are continuing to turn to their computers to find love. They speculate that some are just so busy with work and family that they simply don’t have the extra time to spend meeting new people in person. Doing so online is just faster and easier; and as these users share, effective as well.


Admittedly, there are still some critics who “doubt the wisdom of using the internet to find friends, lovers, or spouses” but many users say they are happy with this form of communication, even though sometimes people are too direct, especially men. 32-year-old Alena, who found her boyfriend through an online dating site, said, “Many users of dating websites are too direct and say what they want without any regard for the norms of etiquette, probably because they can remain anonymous. But despite this you have a chance to find the right person.”


Men discussed how dating in Russia is different from dating in their own countries. 34-year-old Jon from England has met several beautiful ladies through Russian dating websites, saying, “It has always been the case that the dating industry in the former Soviet states simply takes the job more seriously.” He explains how the ladies’ photos on domestic dating sites are usually amateur and poor quality, while sites in the former Soviet Union feature more professional pictures. Looking between the sites is like “looking through someone’s family photo albums, then reading a lingerie catalog.”


An American gentleman named Les agrees with Jon about Russian women, adding, “Girls from the former Soviet Union are also a lot more feminine. I never see them running around looking like they just woke up. They take pride in the way they look.”


Despite the numerous success stories about couples that have matched up on international dating sites, men are still concerned with suspected scammers and blacklists in the Russian dating industry. Some men simply suggest following your heart and trusting your gut. “My fiancé was supposed to be a scammer; I was aware of her reputation before I met her, but I was prepared to give her a chance. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life,” said Brian, a 57-year-old from Northern Ireland who is marrying his 30-year-old soul mate.


The more people that continue to take advantage of this global dating phenomenon, the more acceptable and enjoyable it will become. There are thousands of sweet single ladies on HotRussianBrides.com that are seeking their true soul mates. Log on and find yours today!