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"Miami Social "Episode 4: Tensions Mount and Tempers Flare

5. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Miami Social's George and Lina

Tensions heated more than ever before during this week’s episode of Miami Social, “False Positives”. Lena and George’s relationship woes jumped to a new level over the announcement of Lena’s pregnancy while Russian photographer Maria has her friendship with circle member Ariel strained when he feels she’s not enthusiastic enough about an upcoming fashion project he has recommended her for.


Miami Social's Maria LankinaAriel, a high profile fashion producer, is working with new clients and wholeheartedly recommends his friend Maria for the position of Photographer on their latest campaign. The other producers, however, seemed put off by Maria’s inexperience and what they perceived to be a lack of enthusiasm on Maria’s part, and Ariel brought in another photographer instead.


Headstrong Russian lady Lena and her boyfriend George continued to battle through the episode, Lena feeling he was not spending time with her when George would disappear for hours at a time to hang out with his friend Hardy and George continuing to rely on his ex-girlfriend Sorah for moral support. Meanwhile after a long and heated argument with Ariel, Maria decided to accompany her friend Michael to his Lasik eye surgery, both of them having the procedure done.


At the end of the episode, George and Lena receive some heartbreaking news.


Miami Social continues telling the story of these socialites and their families and friends, casting a light on Miami’s nightlife and the large but under-reported Russian community in and around South Beach.