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Milla Jovovich Stars in First Russian Film

14. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich is in Moscow today, promoting the world premiere of her first Russian film, Vykrutasy (The Whims). Valentine's Day is the perfect time to debut the romantic comedy and the press was eager to ask Milla questions about love and marriage.


When one reporter asked if she thinks true love lasts only five years, she replied, "Do you have children? Do you think you only have five years of love for your child? I think real love is forever, when you love your family, or your friends. It depends on what kind of person you are. I’m definitely a very loyal friend and I love my family. I think that’s forever. Regardless of whether you fight, regardless whether you have problems, when you have your family around you, that’s love forever, no matter what. It’s unconditional."


Milla was also asked what would be her reaction if her daughter, who is now only three years old, married a Russian man and decided to live in Russia. "Oh, well ... if he’s a good guy, it doesn’t matter where he’s from, really. If he loves her and makes her happy, it’s all that matters," she said.


The half-Serbian, half-Russian actress also said she was always afraid to star in a Russian film, mainly due to the language barrier. Having lived in Los Angeles since she was five years old, Milla had trouble speaking Russian at first, saying the hardest word to learn was podmigivat, meaning "to twinkle".


In addition to attending the premiere of the film, Milla also received a star on the Walk of Fame in Moscow.