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Milla Jovovich Stars in New Suspense Thriller

18. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments


Beautiful Soviet-born actress Milla Jovovich plays the lead role in Faces In The Crowd, a new suspense thriller film involving a real neurological disorder. As an innocent bystander, her character witnesses a serial killer's latest attack, yet she falls from a bridge and is knocked unconscious after trying to flee. When she awakes in the hospital, she's unable to recognize her family, her boyfriend, or even her own face in the mirror.


She's diagnosed with prosopagnosia, or face blindness, which is caused by a lesion of the temporal lobe. She's incapable of recognizing the same face twice. As the only witness to serial killer's crime, she is hunted by the psycho and suspenseful scariness ensues.  


Written and directed by French filmmaker Julien Magnat, Faces In The Crowd also stars Julian McMahon, Sarah Wayne Callies, Michael Shanks and Marianne Faithfull. It was filmed in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada last year but has no official release date yet.


Watch the trailer!