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Mistrust Hurts Members Most

25. August 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

We have noticed a recent trend of paranoia and unrealistic expectations with regards to our business and our ladies. Having been in business for over 6 years, there is no way we could have survived this long by scamming people. We have done some good in the world and we have connected couples that have enjoyed real relationships.


Because of our success and high ethical standards, many competitors and stakeholders in blacklists have been relentlessly looking to infect our members with fear and doubt; driving some of them to unfounded accusations and unreasonable demands that in the end only hurts them.


Before We Dive In…

Shortly after joining, some members check the Web for “unbiased advice” about our service on search engines. There is very little out there. Instead they find forums and blacklists smearing us and the voice of a very few becomes the reason for many to distrust. This automatically sends members into a frenzy. Members then swiftly point out to us and our ladies that “all these people” are saying these bad things about us on the Internet, and without question, it must be true!


We know this information is out there guys. And we also know that 90% is bogus and exaggerated to suit someone else’s financial interests. We are aware of who all those people are, where their “proof” comes from and which competitors they work with. We know more than they think we know.


But why aren’t there more glowing reviews and testimonials? The truth is that many men who successfully find love through our site have unjust social pressures to keep it “hush hush”. Society has not evolved enough to accept our type of online dating on the mainstream level. Men are afraid to divulge details and prefer to remain silent. Despite this, we still have a robust gallery of testimonials and success stories.


Also, almost all major Russian dating sites use the same pool of dating agencies. Some sites have more female members because they don’t screen or validate like we do. The big difference is that we provide instant and personal customer service and actually respond to concerns, unlike many of our competitors.


Keep Your Cool

“Shoot first and apologize later” doesn’t work. Exploding onto our Web Hostesses or our ladies isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you have factual information or a real concern, contact us first so we can investigate it. We will be the first ones to remove a problem member from our site. Did you know that to date we have rejected 745 dating agencies due to dubious reputation? Did you know that many of them work with our major competitors and “smearers”?


Keep your calm and work with us. We want to help you and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so.


Stay on the Site and We Can Help

While we want you to get to the point that you can communicate freely with your beloved, sometimes members can’t wait to take the communication offsite. For some, this is when the real problems start. If she is asking for money or giving you a sad story about her family, health and tough life, chances are it will not end well. If this is happening through personal email, there is little we can do to help you in the event of an issue. By remaining in our “system”, we can help with resolving miscommunications.


Site is Full of Scammers, Except for Her

Although it is VERY rare, despite our best efforts to validate, screen and police, sometimes scammers get through. While the classic signs of scamming still hold true (asking for money, gifts) there are newer trends we have found that could lead you into a scammer’s trap: Is she trying to take you off the site without engaging you in real conversation?  Is she saying she is the only good one in a sea of scammers? Is she saying that everyone is paid to chat, except her? A big tell is whether or not she is following our Terms of Use – is a lady trying to sneak you her contact information without you completing the Intimacy Request process? If so, you may want to contact us.


The takeaway is that you must be mindful of conversations. If something seems fishy, move on to someone else.


Scammer Because She’s Been Featured on Your Blog

A recent complaint is that a lady is a scammer because she has been featured on our blog or in one of our beauty shows.


We started our blog in June 2009, with the hopes of expanding on the depth of content our members could have access to; a way to dive deeper into the motivations, personalities and fears of our ladies so that our members could have more favorable results and see that these are real women looking for real relationships. We showcase specific members in pictorials and videos because we feel she has something special. Many of our competitors only peddle flesh with no substance. We try to offer more cultural, historical, political and analytical content in addition to showcasing our ladies’ beauty.


You Have Control

I don’t know how else to say this. Don’t be naïve and believe everything you read (that goes for this blog too) without forming your own opinion based on facts and weighing all sides. Find out for yourself and be objective and patient. It’s hard to do so with matters of love and money, but trust us, you will be happy you did in the end. We at least hope that this sincere feedback will help you preserve your relationship on HotRussianBrides.com and avoid hurdles on your way to ultimate happiness.