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More Cruise Ships Set to Sail to Ukraine

18. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Ukrainian bride Victorya is waiting for you in Odessa!

The city of Odessa sits on the stunning shores of the Black Sea and this year more tourists can experience its beauty by boat. The port of Odessa is the largest cruise port on the Black Sea and will start offering discounts to cruise liners to welcome more visitors to Ukraine for the 2010 cruise season.


These excellent discounts, combined with increased promotion of the Ukrainian ports, will allow 15 more cruise ships to add Odessa as a delightful destination compared to last year. The cruise tourist season begins on April 2nd and lasts 7 months, with 74 calls of foreign sea vessels scheduled to arrive. Some of the locations with ships sailing for Odessa include Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Bahamas, Portugal, and Panama.


Currently, the Seatrade Cruise Shipping conference is taking place in Miami, and Odessa, along with the 3 other Ukrainian sea ports – Sevastopol, Yalta, and Theodosia – are hosting a stand to help promote this attractive destination. Many are still unaware of this picturesque area with the rich cultural heritage. Not to mention the swarms of beautiful Ukrainian brides!


The Port of Odessa will actually host the second edition of this conference in September, focusing on increasing even more cruise activity on the Black Sea. With the upcoming European Football Championship in 2012 and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (also located on the Black Sea) in 2014, the conference will present ways to include promotional cruise packages in accordance with these special events.

The Port of Odessa


Visit the Black Sea Cruises website to view the cruise ship calling schedule.