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More Men Marrying Moscow Women for Residency Purposes

7. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Though everyone’s heard stories about Russian women who marry Western men for residency and immigration rights, a recent article in The Moscow Times covers an opposite trend: men who marry Russian women for the right to live in Russia.

Like many other countries, Russia gives foreign spouses priority when it comes to distributing residency permits. Men with temporary residence status can apply to become permanent residents and skip much of the hassle and delay of visas, permits, and registrations that non-married foreigners must face. This is especially true in Moscow where a strict quota system applies. This policy has lead to a number of convenience marriages which, unlike Western countries, are not illegal.

“The Federal Migration Service does not distinguish marriages of convenience from others. It is not one of the FMS’s functions,” said Zalina Korilova, Moscow FMS press chief.

So what can Russian bride seekers learn from the Moscow Times article? That despite the persistent myths that say otherwise, Russia is not a terrible, desolate country that Russian women are dying to escape. With a growing number of immigration scammers, Russia is actually attracting residents, not shedding them. Therefore, suitors should never assume a lady will marry any foreigner who asks simply because she wants to get away. Gentlemen must instead court the ladies and make a sincere effort to win their hearts. While most Russian bride suitors are well aware of this basic fact, it never hurts to dispell common mail order bride myths.