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Moscow, One of the World's Most Romantic Places

1. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Russian bride, YourLove2

Most people think of Paris and Milan as the iconic cities for lovers, and while those locales do top the list, Moscow is not neglected, coming in at Number 10 on Yahoo Travel’s Top 10 Destinations for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few reasons why.


February is typically the coldest month in Moscow, which gives you and your Russian lady a good excuse to snuggle together and keep each other warm. What could be more romantic than cuddling close to the fireplace, wrapped in fur blankets, while sipping hot chocolate?  


The extensive history and culture of this capital city fills many people with strong emotions. Strolling through town with your favorite Russian lady on your arm, admiring the architecture and many monuments is a very loving activity to share. There are even several statues of St. Valentine himself that can be found throughout the city.


Most people think of buying gifts when they think about Valentine’s Day, especially jewelry and flowers. Moscow has plenty of shops and vendors that sell exquisite gifts that your Russian bride will love. You can also purchase more traditional Russian souvenirs such as matroyshka dolls or Faberge eggs with your names engraved on them so you can take home a special reminder of your romantic rendezvous.


Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Moscow this year to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. The romanticism of this magical city lasts all year long! Ask your Russian lady if she’s ready for you to sweep her off her feet and start planning your trip to meet up in Moscow.