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Moscow Zoo Celebrates 146th Anniversary

15. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Bornean Orangutans

It began as a small zoological garden, opened to visitors on February 13, 1864. Anatoly P. Bogdanov, a professor of the Moscow State University, was one of the founders who called it “a living museum outdoors”. Over the years, this zoological garden has grown into the large, scientific educational and conservation institution it is today.


The zoo first belonged to its founders, the All-Russia Emperor Society for Acclimatization of Plants and Animals, and was financed by entrance fees and private donations. However, these funds weren’t enough to cover the mounting expenses of operating a zoo, so the Society had to lease it to private owners several times before it was eventually transferred to the authority of Moscow City Council in 1922.


The newly-owned zoological park doubled in size, largely increased the amount of animals and activities, and established scientific research and educational units. Also, the Moscow Zoo Circle of Young Biologists was founded. The zoo quickly became a favorite place for residents and tourists, even operating during the years of the World War II.


In the late 1960’s, it was transferred again to the authority of the Central Administrative Board of Culture and was home to nearly 3,500 creatures. By 1990, the zoo was long overdue for some much needed renovations and the first stage was completed by 1997 for the 850th anniversary of city of Moscow. New land was granted for additional exhibits and old buildings were restored. Today, the Moscow Zoo continues to grow and thrive and visitors can admire Russian wildlife, as well as other animals from all over the world.


The Sea Mammals Pool

Friendly male Giraffe, Samson

Snowy Owls

Red Great Kangeroos

Philippine Pit Viper

Rare, Endangered species Pere David's Deer

Butterfly Fish


Source: Moscow Zoo website