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Moscow is a Women's City!

8. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gentlemen who have traveled to Russia or Ukraine can attest to the fact that everywhere you look, there are hot Russian girls! Svetlana Kolchik, a single 33-year-old editor of the Russian Marie Claire magazine, often writes about this phenomenon and asks herself, "Where the heck are the guys?"


She admits that she's not looking for a man at the moment, but the great gender imbalance still freaks her out. The contrast affects her even more so when she returns from visits to Europe or the States.


"I am living in a women's city! That's the kind of impression I tend to get very often," Svetlana says. "And not only me – I hear similar observations – and complaints – from so many Russian females regardless of their personal status."


So where are all the Russian men hiding? Svetlana consulted her friend Alexei Karaulov, the Russian Maxim magazine editor. He said you can find them at sports bars, but they are mostly engaging in "men only" activities, such as fishing, hunting, drinking beer in a buddy's backyard, and relaxing in the banyas. Seeing men in regular restaurants is rare.


"For a Russian guy, it's way too much stress to go out to eat, especially in the company of other men," Alexei said. "Russian men are very insecure and competitive at the same time, and the country's environment is quite aggressive, so there’s almost nowhere they can relax easily. Many men in Russia are just surviving, they haven't learned to fully live yet."


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Source: RIA Novosti