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Moscow’s Museum of Car Theft Will Boost Your Spirits

9. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Not interested in Moscow’s standard tourist attractions? Then perhaps you should visit the Yuri Detochkin Car Theft Museum. 

Named after a car thief character in the popular Russian movie Beware of Car, the auto theft museum, which opened in 2002, is dedicated to amusing and educating the public about one of the city’s most prevalent crimes.

The museum’s 200+ exhibits include a wide array of car theft-related items. Visitors may view tools used for boosting cars, alarms, a collection of fake registration documents, forged plates, and homemade anti-theft devices, including a fish hook passenger seat and a modified bear trap. Interestingly, private citizens, many of them thieves, donated several of the items featrued in the museum.

Visitors may also learn about the history and evolution of auto theft, read about celebrity car thefts and recoveries, and hear amusing tales about unlucky criminals, such as the Russian ski champion who beat would-be thieves with her ski poles. Sadly, not all of the stories are amusing. In 2008, Russian glamour model and bodyguard, Anna Loginova, was killed as she attempted to stop thieves from stealing her Porsche Cayenne.   

The museum is open Monday-Friday, so if you want to spend an interesting afternoon with a potential Russian bride, check out Detochkin Car Theft Museum in Moscow.



Source: RT.com