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Moscow's Moroz City Made of Snow and Ice

12. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

If you've traveled to visit Russian brides in the winter, you know how frigid it can get. People find warmer refuge inside buildings, but in Moroz City, even the buildings are filled with ice and snow! Over 40 sculptors and architects from all over Russia worked together to construct an ice town in Sokolniki Park in Moscow.


"We wanted to combine modern design and architecture with the traditions of the Russian winter because for many people, especially abroad, Russia is associated with winter," said the project's art director Darya Lisitsyna.


While last year's ice hotel gained worldwide attention, Moroz City is stunning visitors on a more magnified scale with 13 ice buildings. There's a cafe to enjoy some Russian tea, a philharmonic society to play icy musical instruments, and a souvenir shop to buy flowers, dishes, candlesticks, and more -- all made of ice! Other snowy structures include a fitness center, a bank, a school, a post office, and a disco club!


The ice used for the city wasn't just scraped off the street. It was specially transported to Moscow from the ecologically pure lakes of Siberia and the North of Russia. Moroz City is open from 10am-10pm for as long as winter lasts.


Source, Photos: The Voice of Russia