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Most Romantic Places in Kiev: Lover's Bridge

12. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Nestled on the banks of the Dnieper River is a city full of history and life. Kiev has been called the jewel of the Ukraine for its striking architecture, art, culture, splendor, wonderful parks and of course beautiful women. It’s no wonder that in this setting, men and women throughout the ages have been easy targets for Cupids’ arrow.


When you are with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman in Kiev and looking for just the right romantic spot, take a stroll over “The Lover’s Bridge” or as some call it the “Bridge of Kisses”, and watch the magic happen.


This pedestrian bridge links Khreshchaty Park with City Park in central Kiev, designed by Y. Paton and built in 1912 has been called the most romantic spot in Kiev. A leisurely walk on this 200 foot (60 meter) bridge will put a quick in your step, a sparkle in your eye and provide you with a feeling of amore. Legend has it if you kiss your love on the bridge, that the two of you will be locked in each other’s hearts forever.  Over the years couples have hung locks, engraved with their names, on the bridge as a symbol of their love.  It’s no wonder that on Valentine’s Day the bridge is a very popular spot.


Yet no matter what the season, you will find lovers’ of all ages stealing kisses on this enchanted spot. Ah, romance!