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Mother's Day in Russia

2. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Monday, November 30th, was Mother’s Day in Russia. As in Western countries, this special day exists to honor mothers and pregnant women, and to pay tribute to the women who gave us life and raised us to be the men and women we are today.

Russians have celebrated Mother’s Day for 11 years. President Boris Yeltsin founded the holiday on January 30, 1998, and Russians have since honored their moms on the last Sunday in November. This sentimental holiday can be quite important to Russian men and women. As one lady recently said:

“On Earth, there is no one nearer and dearer than mother. There is no love stronger than that of a parent, and there is no greater responsibility than that of a mother. Mothers will always understand and share in our joys and sorrows, and she will support and defend us in any difficult situation. Every adult will always remember the maternal love and tenderness he or she received from as a child.”

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