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Must See Places in Kirovograd: Eagle's Nest Resort

12. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Today, I invite you to visit a picturesque place in the Kirovograd region. In this region you will find a volcano known as “Orlinoe Gnezdo,” which also means “Eagle’s Nest” in the Russian language.

Eagle’s Nest is further the name of one of Russia’s first class resorts. Pure air, and nature’s beauty combined with great service and comfort makes you feel right at home. If you are seeking these qualities in a resort, then make the dream of restoring forces in harmony yours by staying as a guest in this magnificent hotel. Attentive and hospitable staff will make your stay pleasant and unforgettable.

When you arrive at the hotel, you feel like you’ve arrived at a magical place. And upon your arrival, you will find the most splendid fountain.

On the hotel property, you will find a restaurant, bar, summer platforms, a barbecue, many romantic places to walk, boats, pony rides for children, and many property amenities. These amenities include Russian and Turkish bathtubs, a Jacuzzi, a place to get a relaxing massage, a pool, and a gym for training. Room amenities include air conditioning, phone, satellite TV, a bathroom in each room, and a mini bar! As an added bonus, a parking place is assigned to you for your convenience. The hotel can even provide you with additional transportation to and from your car.

Two of the highlights that the resort has to offer are hunting and fishing. Some animals that you may see living on the property include pheasants and rams. They even guarantee that you will catch something while hunting. Besides land animals, they also have many types of fish located in the property’s lake. These fish include the River Iridescent Trout, the Catfish, the Pike and the Crucian Carp. The restaurant will prepare whatever you catch hunting or fishing for that night’s dinner.

Besides staying in one of the hotel’s rooms, you can even stay in one of the hotel’s high class apartments. They provide full comfort, perfect lighting and furniture made out of the finest wood. They are certainly stylish. A combination of the light-beige and white colors provides a gentle and romantic atmosphere. Red curtains lightly blow in the breeze, as lively pictures leap towards you, and slowly weave through the inner fabrics of your imagination. And there are plenty of windows, which filter in the breathtaking views. 

So come to visit the Eagle’s Nest. It is a fantastic place. Don’t forget to drop a coin in the pond to make a wish. Legend says, dropping a coin in the pond means that you will come back to visit us again!