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Must See Places in Odessa: Gorsad Gardens

29. September 2009 by James 0 Comments

One of the most beautiful spots in Odessa is the restored Gorsad Gardens. Recently restored to its former glory, the Gorsad Gardens opened on November 10, 1806 and was a gift to the citizens of Odessa from Felix de Ribas, brother of the city’s founder. Lined with flowers, trees, a fountain, a rotunda and shops the Gardens were an instant success with citizens and visitors alike.


After years of wear and weather, the Gorsad Gardens was showing its age and needed a major overhaul. On May 9, 2007, the new and improved Gorsad Gardens opened to jubilant crowds. Restored to its original shape, the freshly planted flowers and trees, and repaired facades compliment a new rotunda, and a new musical fountain.


The new fountain is actually two different fountains. By day the fountain becomes a picture postcard with 2 ½ tons of water flowing every minute from 12 atomizer-nozzles of the fountain. By night the fountain transforms into a magical show of music, light and water. This transformation is made possible by the 4 special installations using 5 different colors of illumination. Citizens and visitors gather nightly to catch this spectacular event.


It has been said that no other city in Russia has as many monuments as Odessa. In the City garden you will find a memorial to Odessa’s favorite son, legendary jazz singer and actor Leonid Utesov.


Gorsad Gardens is also a very good spot to see and meet beautiful women. Who knows it maybe the place that you meet a Hot Russian Bride?