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Must See Places in Odessa: Odessa Marine Station

2. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Odessa Marine Station in Odessa, Ukraine

As it is known, Odessa is the biggest sea port in Ukraine so Odessa Marine station and its close-fitting places are among other sightseeing spots of this city and they are worthy to visit.


The Odessa Marine station was built at the New Mol in 1968 by the architect V. Golovin and V. Kremlyakova. Today, after considerable changes, Odessa marine port is surprising picture of modern mega polis, interlacing of glass and metal. From the left and right side international cruise liners of height comparable with the height port building can moor.


In 2001, modern multistory hotel Odessa has been built. At once after the hotel, on territory of the Odessa Marine station Museum of anchors is opened. Exhibits, collected in the different regions of the Black sea, are presented in it.   The museum of anchors under the opened sky will broaden as time passes, foremost, due to anchors, that will be taken off from the bottom of the sea where they lay nowadays.


Then, at the end of the pier the Church of St Nicholas was built. Just amazing how during 60 years Odessa, sea city, could do without a cathedral,  at least the chapel of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker. Just since the oldest times sailors got the benediction of this holy before their voyage and brought gifts to his icon when returning from their trips. In May 1993 first stone was laid as a symbol of construction beginning. Cross-board informing about  the future location of the cathedral here was placed. On September 2, 1994 crosses and ship`s bells (they are usually put to Marine cathedrals) appeared here. On October 20, this cathedral was given icon and part of St. Nicholas` relics brought from Italian city Bari. Only few cathedrals of Ukraine have such kind of sacred thing. 


Today, the temple once again called St Nicholas, or Seaside. While not even remotely resembling the one that existed before, it surprises conservative visitors with its architecture and interior decoration because it looks even more like a modern office than the church, which people have accustomed to see. Classic architecture would not simply blend with the general modernized look of Marine station. So it is the first orthodox church of the modern architecture and design in Ukraine.


Across the street "Nautical Club TTFs - port Odessa" is situated. Here you can not only admire chic yachts and regattas but also sweep on an excursion cutter, enjoying the type of coast from the side of sea and feeling the real sea-breeze. Moreover, you even can order a walk a small company on a separate yacht!


The visit of Odessa Marine station will leave in your heart and mind only the most pleasant and unforgettable impressions.