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Must See Places in Ukraine: City of Kerch

9. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

The Crimean Peninsula is one of the oldest and most marvelous parts of the world. Do you remember old myths about Amazons and Kenthavros? Do you remember Homer with his Iliad and Odyssey? All those events had happened there, in this historical and exciting land. There are a lot of cities on the Crimean Peninsula: Sevastopol, Yalta or Feodosiya. But one of the most mysterious cities is Kerch.


Kerch is situated in the Southeastern part of the Crimea. Kerch was highly-developed and well-known all over the ancient World. Life has endured in this area for 26 centuries and it has never stopped. In ancient times, Kerch was the capital city of the Kingdom of Bosporus and was a key port, connecting two seas: Pont Aqusinsky (The Sea of Azov) and Pont Avksinsky (The Black Sea). Today Kerch is considered as a city of metallurgists, shipbuilders and fishermen.


There are a lot of places of interest in Kerch. You can find a lot of hills around the city. Archeologists think that these are old burial site of ancient Scythes and Sarmats, ancient tribes that inhabited the area. One of the famous of them is Tsarskiy Hill, the burial mound for one of the Bosporian kings. It is situated in the village near the city.