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Natalie Zemtsova, Hot Russian Actress Strips for Maxim

16. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Born in Omsk, Russia, Natalie Zemtsova dreamed about becoming president. However, one day she visited her local theater and became enamored by the performances.


After studying locally, she enrolled at the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts and began landing major roles in feature films and television series.


Which type of roles does she enjoy playing the most?


"I just like the roles that cause the viewer strong emotions," Natalie reveals in her Maxim interview.


When asked whether she’d like to play the victim or the maniac in a hypothetical thriller called Moscow Chainsaw Massacre, she quickly replies, "Maniac!"


"I'll be like Lara Croft, but with two chainsaws on the hips," she says. "But actually my ideal is Charlize Theron in Monster."


Check out these sexy pics and behind-the-scenes video of Russian Maxim’s May cover girl, Natalie Zemtsova!


Natalie Zemtsova

Natalie Zemtsova

Natalie Zemtsova

Natalie Zemtsova