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Never Act Like This in Front of Your Russian Woman: Tips from a Lady

9. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

As a woman, I would like to inform gentlemen that there are certain things a man should never do when he is with his favorite Russian woman.  I am not just talking about not doing these things on a first date. I am talking about NEVER DOING THESE THINGS. Let me just start by saying that I once dumped a guy for taking these actions. We had been dating for many months, and although I really liked him, I found his actions to be completely unforgivable.

Don’t Make a Rookie Move

The first thing that this guy did to lead me to such a decision was make what I call a rookie move. Well, actually it was more like a high school move. In this instance, my gentleman friend invited me over to watch a movie. He wanted to watch the first Halloween movie starring Michael Myers. I told him that I would come over only if we could watch a different movie. I clearly explained that with my wild imagination, I am the last person in the world who should watch any type of horror flick. After explaining my point, my friend assured me that we could watch another movie other than Halloween. Since we had been dating for a long time, I believed him. But what happened shortly after I arrived to my gentleman friend’s house? If you said that he played the movie, you guessed right. He put Halloween disc into the DVD player even after I further insisted that we watch something else. I was scared at night for at least two weeks afterwards, and I clearly did not appreciate his actions.

Don’t Give Into Your Inner Five Year Old

The second thing that this guy did to lead me to my decision to never come back was throw a temper tantrum. Gentlemen re-read that last line slowly and really try to process it. I watched a 37 year old man throw a temper tantrum. During that moment, it seemed like he had traveled back in time to when he was five. We were caught up in a heated argument when I told him that “It wasn’t all about him.” He replied by yelling, “This time it is all about me!” Then he took becoming unattractive to a new level by stomping his feet! Actually, it was more like a skipping thing, where he put one foot on the ground, then the next, and then repeated with the first foot.

Seriously guys, hopefully it is common knowledge that using such dating moves will get you absolutely NOWHERE with your future hot Russian bride. In fact, if you don’t want your hot Russian woman wandering off into the arms of another man then please, NEVER EVER DO THESE THINGS.