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New Russian Cultural Center Near Eiffel Tower

18. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Last fall, a contest was announced for architects to design a Russian spiritual and cultural center to be constructed near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The idea for the new building came from the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. Over 100 entries were submitted, but yesterday a winner was chosen.


French architect Manuel Yankovskiy and the Russian "Arkh Group" company worked together to design a building resembling a Russian church in a glass wave. The center will include an Orthodox church, a belfry, a seminary, a library, an exhibit hall, several offices and a garden. In the garden, Russian trees will be planted, such as birches, mountain ash trees, willows and maples. The church will be built of white stone brought from Russia, with five cupolas and a capacity for 500 or 600 people.


The whole complex of buildings will be covered by a glass cupola with built-in solar batteries, along with a system which will automatically clean the glass with water. Later, the water will be used for cooling or warming the buildings.


Kremlin office manager Vladimir Kozhin says the funds for building the center will come from the Russian government, the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian and French sponsors. It will open in 2013. Here are some photos from yesterday's presentation.





Photos: Channel One