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New Zealand Full of Ukrainian Women’s Favorite Things

17. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Are you a Kiwi searching for love on Hot Russian Brides? It turns out New Zealand is brimming with things Ukrainian women enjoy. Here’s what the ladies of HRB love about your home country.

Favorite Sports

It’s no secret that Ukrainian women like sports and active living. In a recent survey, the ladies of HRB listed a wide range of favorite sports, though swimming, tennis, and football topped the list. New Zealand has all three in abundance.

Being an island nation, New Zealand offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and water sports. Swims with dolphins, seals, and sharks are popular among tourists, and residents enjoy a variety of surfing and swimming clubs. Tennis and football are also popular pastimes, as are rugby union, cricket, and netball. New Zealand is also a popular destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. In fact, there are few sports athletes can’t enjoy in New Zealand.

Favorite Spots for Romance

When asked about their favorite romantic spot, the ladies of HRB overwhelmingly chose the beach. Whether it’s visiting an exotic island with a loved one, watching the sun set over the ocean, or relaxing at a coastal attraction, Ukrainian women love the beach! Home to some of the best beaches in the world, New Zealand is sure to appeal to these seaside romantics. In fact, two of the women surveyed chose New Zealand as their favorite romantic place!   

Favorite Cars

Stylish cars are universally appealing, and according to our survey, Ukrainian women like BMWs, Mercedes, and Porsches the best. All of these cars are common in New Zealand, though other favorites, like Ferraris and Maseratis, are rarer. Ukrainian ladies who admire BMWs might also enjoy the BMW Race Driver Series.

Favorite Colors

When asked about their favorite color, 159 Ukrainian women chose red and 138 women chose blue. White was the third most popular color with 96 ladies preferring white above all others. You know what prominent symbol of New Zealand is red, white, and blue? The flag!  

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