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Nikolaev Celebrates its 220th Anniversary in a Big Way

15. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

220th Anniversary of the founding of Nikolaev, Ukraine

Exactly 220 years ago, the city of Nikolaev was established. Nikolaev was founded in 1789 by Duke Grigory Potemkin on the peninsula at the confluence of Ingul and the Southern Bug as a naval and a ship city. Modern Nikolaev is a big industrial, business, political and cultural center of South of Ukraine, with a population of over 510,000 people.


September 12, Nikolaev celebrated its 220 anniversary. In honor of the holiday in the heart of the "ship” city took a place a celebratory parade, which was attended by all who could have taken part! As always, the celebration of the city Nikolaev was bright, colorful and memorable! All day in Nikolaev was held a full program of performances and festivities. There were concert programs with the participation of local musicians, concert and entertainment programs for children and demonstrations by the dancing club “Pasadena”, visual show "Street of Living Sculptures", a gifted performance to the residents of the city from the circus "Kobzov", musical-theatre performance of "City of Nikolaev - our life!”, a gala-concert with the participation of pop stars, Fireworks and even more interesting and exciting events. Sovetskaya Street was crowded with parade participants and people who came to watch the show.


The beginning of celebration started from a small theatrical performance with a historical theme. On the stage a carriage appeared with Catherine II, Grigory Potemkin and Michael Faleev - the founders of the glorious shipyard between the Bug and Ingul rivers.


The parade was opened by the participants of the play “Nikolaev - care of young"- honors pupils of study, sportsmen, and talented young people. There were a lot of flattering words and wishes for them. Children and youth demonstrated their skills and ingenuity. Each institution had its own float, with colored balls, with original greeting banners, and with their "jokes and tricks". The Director of Nikolaev Zoo welcomed everybody riding on a pony, members of the club "Griffin" dressed in medieval costumes, with swords and shields, staging a battle demonstration.


In the final part of the parade the military equipment passed and there was a demonstration of military men. The fighters of reconnaissance-trooper Company of 79-th separate airmobile brigade showed the spectators how they could break bottles and bricks on his head.


A Large landing ship "Konstantin Olshansky" of the Navy of Ukraine on September 10th came and moored in Nikolaev, and on September 11th, citizens of Nikolaev could visit the ship on an excursion. The performance by the marines from “Konstantin Olshansky” was incredibly fun and exciting. In the evening the same day at Lenin Square there was a concert featuring well-known musical singers and bands of the Ukrainian stage, and the night sky lit up with the celebratory fireworks.