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Norwegian Men Love Hot Russian Brides

16. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Recently, Norwegian men have become more interested in beautiful Russian women.   Norwegian men have been taken by the charms, beauty and splendor of their exquisite northern neighbors. 

Although it seems that the men and women would have nothing in common they go together like svinestek and pelmeni at dinner.


Common Values

Norwegian men appreciate a Russian ladies fine figure and intellect while Russian ladies admire the strong stamina and family first attitude of a Norwegian man, highlighted by the fact that 85% of Norwegian men take six- weeks of paid leave to be with their wife and newborn child. Both cultures share an appreciation of physical fitness, healthy living, a love of the arts and the outdoors, especially winter sports.


Application Process is Tough

Norwegian citizenship is difficult to obtain, requiring migrants to have had permanent residence in Norway for seven continuous years and a record of good conduct. Norway-born children of two foreign parents must wait until age 18 to apply for citizenship. Exemptions to these rules are made for former Norwegian nationals and individuals married to Norwegian nationals.

Once you have found your dream Russian Bride and would like to bring her to Norway, there are some important steps you must take to ensure the immigration process goes smoothly.
Step one is to apply for a fiancé permit at the nearest Norwegian Embassy, consulate or mission in the applicant’s country. As an applicant, you cannot enter the country before your permit has been granted.


What must the application include?

Completed application
Documentation of the civil status of the couple
Birth certificate
Copies of ALL pages of the applicant’s passport and the Norwegian citizen’s passport
Documentations of the past three months of income
Proof of housing in Norway
Information about plans for marriage
Passport photos


Important Details

All documents must be submitted be originals unless otherwise stated and translated into either English or Norwegian. Before you enter into marriage the government will verify that you have everything in order and that all aspects of the Norwegian Marriage Act have been met. If not you will not be able to marry.

Once the permit is granted, the applicant will be given a six month work and residence permit. During this time you must enter into marriage. If not then the applicant will be forced to leave Norway.


For more information about immigrations contact the Norwegian government.