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Not Sure What to Talk About? Check Out Her Profile

22. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Not sure what to say when emailing a lady for the first time? Check out her profile. Even the simplest profiles offer a wealth of conversation starters. Here are three topics to help you break the ice. 



If you’ve been a member of HotRussianBrides for more than a few days, you’ve likely noticed a few funny, interesting, or downright bizarre profile photos. What a great way to strike up a conversation. When you see a lady with an unusual photo, ask about it. Find out why she decided to don a crazy costume, strike a peculiar pose, or carry a crazy prop. Often a lady’s answer will reveal much more about her than the profile text. Even seemingly tame photos can generate a lively conversation if you ask the right questions.



While a lady’s profession may not sound that interesting on the surface, asking a woman about her job can get an interesting conversation going. A few possible questions include “Do you enjoy your job?,” How did you get into _____,”  “Why decide you decide to be a nurse/lawyer/saleswoman?”. Some ladies have intriguing sounding professions which makes striking up a lively conversation all the easier. 



Many women mention hobbies in their profiles and this can be great fodder for conversations, especially if the two of you have similar interests. Ask why she likes reading/playing sports/studying different languages and how long she’s enjoyed these activities.  Follow up questions are important as they help keep a conversation flowing and encourage responses that can offer great insight into a lady’s personality.

If you find yourself at a loss for words on HotRussianBrides, check out a lady’s profile! Profile photos, professions, and a lady’s hobbies are just three things you can bring up to generate interesting and informative conversations.