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Notable Russians Born on August 10th

10. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

What do a Russian painter, physicist, composer, politician, and professional hockey player have in common? They were all born on this day. Here are a few facts about the accomplished Russian men born on August 10th. 


Anton Losenko, 1737 (Painter)

A Ukrainian-Russian Neoclassical painter who specialized in historical subjects and portraits, Anton Pavlovich Losenko studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts as well as in France and Italy. His Portrait of Fyodor Volkov (see bleow) appeared on a Soviet postage stamp in 1972.



Aleksandr Stoletov, 1839 (Physicist)

Aleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov, perhaps best known for discovering the principles of photoelectric effect, was a physicist, founder of electrical engineering, and professor at Moscow University. He died on May 27, 1896 at the age of 58.



Alexander Glazunov, 1865 (Composer)

A music prodigy, Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov began composing at the age of 11 and dedicated his life to composing, teaching, and conducting music. He served as the director of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory for approximately 23 years. Today, Glazunov’s best known works are his ballets The Seasons and Raymonda, his later symphonies, and his two Concert Waltzes.



Anatoly Sobchak, 1937 (Politician)

Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak, mentor and teacher to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, was a Russian politician who co-authored the Constitution of the Russian Federation and was the first mayor to be democratically elected as mayor of Saint Petersburg. He died of an apparent heart attack on February 20, 2000 at the age of 62, though some have suggested he was poisoned.



Alexander Perezhogin, 1983 (Ice Hockey Player)

The Kazakh-born Perezhogin played in the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Montreal Canadiens for two seasons and the American Hockey League (AHL) prior to that. During his stint with the AHL, Perezhogin got into a dispute with opponent Garrett Stafford during the 2004 Calder Cup, striking Stafford in the face and severely injuring him. This event, known as “the stick swinging incident” got Perezhogin suspended from the AHL for the rest of the playoffs and the entire following season.  Perezhogin currently plays for Avangard Omsk of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).


As these gentlemen and their accomplishments prove, August 10th was a significant day for Russia.


Source: Wikipedia