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Nude Russian Women Scandalize Chinese Town

18. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

As we’ve mentioned before, Russian women take great pride in their appearance and they’re not afraid to show a little skin. While most people are fine with this, not everyone appreciates Russian women’s relaxed attitude towards clothing.

Two Russian women made headlines in China for sunbathing nude on the balcony of their apartment. Their daily routine caused quite a stir among neighbors who complained the women failed to “respect Chinese traditions.”

"We can see those women going to their balcony nakedly at 3pm to 5pm almost every sunny day," grumbled a resident identified as Chen.

The scandalized woman said she was forced to close her curtains to keep her young sons from gawking at the women. Chen and other neighbors complained to the apartment building’s management company, but the company said there was nothing they could do as the women weren’t breaking any laws. As for the women, they were unfazed by the controversy and said they are free to dress (or not dress) however they want in their own home.

As this story illustrates, some Russian women have a relaxed attitude toward clothing, and not everyone agrees with their decision to show a little (or lot of) skin. However, when it comes to HRB it’s important for members to respect the ladies’ freedom to dress how they want and not try to control what the women do and don’t wear. All types of Russian women are looking for love on HRB, including those who dress modestly.

Source/Photo: Shanghaiist