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Odessa: the Capital of Humor

18. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Humorina Carnival in Odessa, Ukraine

It happened so that each big European city has its own holiday, with its own characters and traditions, and everyone tries to have as much fun this day as one can. Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Rio de Janeiro see a great number of tourists coming, and they come to take a look at wonderful architecture, ancient ruins and merry carnival.


Mother Odessa! Everybody keeps proudly calling the city this way, and nationally does not matter a bit. Southern Palmyra is equally friendly and hospitable for anyone. And certainly there is everything to offer for tourists, including its own carnival. 


Odessa carnival, Humorina, has its patented name and emblem. Odessa is a unique and special city, and its carnival serves as one more proof of this.  


The holiday is quite several years old. It can be traced back to old times where it roots in various Fool Days or Fat Tuesdays and other facetious games. Yet this time people reserved some time once a year, on April, 1, to regress to childhood: disguise themselves in different costumes, make faces, and clown around, dance and cheer.


Here they have an eye for entertainment. Still, can you imagine a celebration without present? A huge street show, good mood, fun for everyone, souvenirs, photos, unforgettable impressions – this is what Humorina gives to all tourists who come from all over the world.


You won’t see this day in the list of significant days; still it can be truly called nation-wide since people from all over the world come to Odessa to celebrate here together the day of laughter. Everyone would be happy to make fun of people around them; anyone can be the target of a practical joke.  


Possibly nature itself was the reason why such a tradition appeared. Everybody tries to blandish nature to save themselves from whims of weather. People make fun of their friends and acquaintances. So, be ready and have a sufficient supply of sense of humor. Don’t get offended by practical jokes, do the same back. And remember the most important thing: laughter makes your life longer.