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Officials in Russia, Belarus Celebrate World Carfree Day

22. September 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

World Carfree Day, happening September 22nd of every year, has been a growing event in recent times as the push to go “green” has increased and the prices of gasoline have skyrocketed.

The countries of Eastern Europe have been no exception, with officials in many major cities participating to show their support and set an example. Belarus first started participating in the event in 2008 and this year. Employees of over seventeen government ministries in Minsk, Belarus’s capital city will be participating this year. Russian officials, including several senior ministers, will also be participating and Moscow traffic officials have already begun reporting a noticeable reduction as of this morning.

World Carfree Day began in 1997 in France and since then has spread all over the world, promoting the reduced use of personal automobiles and a greater focus on public transportation options. Moscow already has several areas in locations popular with tourists that are officially Carfree and open only to pedestrians and to buses and other forms of public transportation. Both Moscow and Minsk also have large public transit options in their metro systems which are used by a combined average of almost 8 million people daily.