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On Internet Dates, Single Russian Girls and Serendipity

30. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

While the more pragmatic of online daters have a rigid system of weeding out incompatible matches, some still leave it to serendipity to bring them together. And why not? With so many choices (over 13,000 ladies), why not let fate have a hand in your mate selection process? Sure, you can have criteria and success strategies in place, but do you really want to suck the whim out of the process entirely?

You may be thinking, “this pursuit costs me money, so I can’t afford to dilly dally!” (I am sure none of you reading this will actually say “dilly dally”). True. We don’t want you to waste any money or time, but we don’t think that chatting with a few ladies at random will be a waste of either. On the contrary, the more you interact with different ladies, the more the right ones will become the obvious choices. Like in real life, online dating is a combination of luck and perseverance.

How many times have you bought a lady a drink at a bar that just ended up taking the drink and never speaking with you again? How many bad dinner dates that ended in a good night handshake shortly thereafter have you had? Think about that and how much money you spent in those cases. Now, chatting for 10-15 minutes with a few ladies doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me, especially if after a few times, you may actually find one you gel with. And at least you can do it from home in your undies and watch the baseball game at the same time.

So by all means, have a strategy, but don’t shut yourself off to chance. We have hundreds of new ladies join the site on a daily basis and your Mrs. Right may join tomorrow. Be patient and flexible and you may find your Russian soul mate that is looking for the same thing you are.