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Online Dating Horror Stories: Press 1 to Leave (Yet Another) Message

30. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

All businesses get complaints. The best ones are those who resolve them. HotRussianBrides.com enjoys a solid reputation for that reason. Sure, we hear from customers who aren't 100 percent satisfied, but our hands-on Customer Support team works hard to resolve issues quickly. Clearly, not all dating services do the same. Read on!


Check out these rants

Take a look at some consumer Web sites and you'll see plenty of rants against some very popular Internet dating sites based in the US, Canada and the UK. Many complaints focus on poor customer service. A sampling:

  • "I've complained to customer service via email and get responses that do not answer my questions [and] only tell me to refer to the help site which does not answer my questions. The site is not user friendly nor is customer service."
  • "If you are unhappy with their service there is no customer service to remedy the problem."
  • "[They are] charging my credit card monthly even though I have requested that my membership be terminated months ago."
  • "Customer service sucks- they simply attempt to keep you on long enough to deny your refund. When I initially asked for the refund, they gave me suggestions and a whole slew of new matches. A week later when I asked again, they said it was too late."
  • "They have now fraudulently billed my credit card approximately $250... I've spent hours trying to get this resolved."
  • "I emailed and mailed letters to customer service that I wanted a refund within 3 days of signing up...they would not refund...just a bunch of form emails telling me [too] bad [so] sad. I continue to email them of the many complaints... to no avail."
  • "When I finally got ahold of an actual person, they... told me I would have to write a letter to corporate office. I received no response, and am still fighting these charges and have been turned into ...collection agencies."
  • "The communication is non existent. 5 calls and 6 emails-and I have yet to get a response."
  • "I try and request support and DO NOT hear from them."
  • "No one has replied to my emails, and to top it off, no one picks up the phone in customer service...they have a voicemail box that wants to call you back!!!"

HotRussianBrides.com really cares

You'll never hear these kinds of complaints about HotRussianBrides.com! Customer service is paramount, and puts us head and shoulders above other international and domestic services. We have real people answering your emails and phone calls, plus a live Web Hostess to whom you can chat and ask questions.  We try to resolve billing issues within one or two business days. Experience the difference for yourself!