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Online Dating: What's New is Old

1. December 2009 by James 0 Comments

Dating hot, sexy, Russian women online is nothing new.  It has been around for centuries. Come again? Yes, online dating is just a newer version of past dating techniques.


Back to Square One

During the 1700’s and 1800’s North America was one vast frontier. The majority of the cities clung to the Eastern shores near the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of the young men and women lived in rural farming communities with their families. Social interactions were mainly church related or community events such as square dances. These functions were the only chance that single young men and women had to interact. Chaperones would make introductions, watched over the couples and be matchmakers. This type of dating was considered the social norm of the day.


Step up to the Bar

Be it a country saloon or the hottest urban dance club, as women gained more equality, the nearest watering hole became the place to meet singles. Yet, in the 21st century who has the time or the money to go out a club, pay for overpriced drinks and wait for fate to step in so you can meet the right woman. Also, the world is a very big place and you are limiting yourself to a very small group in a small area.


If you like Pina Coladas

Just like the pop song “Escape”, using the latest technology singles took out ads in local papers but were limited to 20 or 25 words to tell everyone about themselves and what they were looking for in a partner. How can anyone expect to find a life partner in 20 words or less?  Currently, by using an Internet dating site such as HotRussianBrides.com®, you can fully express who you are and what qualities you are seeking in a mate. In addition, you are able to narrow down your choices and correspond with the ladies or lady of your choosing. Hopefully, a new song will be inspired by Internet dating.


Make me a Match

In many cultures, prearranged marriages and matchmakers were used and are still used today. The modern Western idea of finding “The One” on your own is very foreign to the rest of the world. Parents will make an agreement to marry their children off at an agreed upon age. The majority of the time the couple meets on their wedding day. Under this arrangement, the parents feel that the two will grow to love one another.


Get On It

Using an online dating service, such as HotRussianBrides.com means that you are in control, not someone else. You can narrow down your preferences, converse with whomever you wish and get to really know the lady. Also you are able to express yourself openly, without fear of judgment.  We provide the tools, you provide the content.


So why are you waiting?  Get going. Change your life. Give us a try.