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Packing Tips for Your Trip to Ukraine

28. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

You found your perfect Ukrainian woman and are ready to travel to meet her? Besides the usual things you pack for an international trip, keep these tips in mind to be fully prepared to have the time of your life in Ukraine.



If you plan on taking your laptop to Ukraine, keep in mind that electrical current runs 220v/60Hz, compared to the American current of 110v/50Hz. Most laptops are designed to run off either current, just check the sticker on the bottom to see if it is dual voltage. Adapter plugs will be necessary to fit the standard 2 prong European sockets, and a surge protector is always a good idea. Take a decent amount of supplies with you. You may be able to find computer supplies in Ukraine but they are much more expensive than in the U.S. For other electronics such as mp3 players and alarm clocks, make sure you pack plenty of batteries since finding the right size and good quality can be difficult.



Pack practical clothing. Think comfort and durability. Leave torn and faded clothes at home! Pack nicer clothing than you usually wear since people dress more fashionably in Ukraine than in the U.S. Take a mix of light and heavy clothing to be ready for rapid temperature drops that are common in all seasons. Make sure your coat or jacket has a loop or chain on which to hang it. These items are usually checked into cloakrooms at museums, libraries, theaters, etc. and attendants may not accept coats without the loop to hang them. Be sure to include sturdy walking shoes, and remember your dress shoes to go along with your nicer outfits. In the winter, don’t forget your hats, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear, boots, and socks.



In addition to the usual toiletries, pack a hand towel and an antibacterial hand gel. These will be useful in public restrooms. If packing a hair dryer, make sure it is dual voltage.



When visiting a Ukrainian home, it is considered polite to bring a small gift, such as a souvenir item with your city or state’s name. Additional suggestions are music cassettes/CDs, t-shirts, or scarves. Also, if there are children living in the home, it is customary to give a children’s gift such as an English language book or toy of some sort.


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