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Pampukh Festival Sets New Guinness World Record

17. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

On January 7th, Christmas Day in Ukraine, Market Square in Lviv was the place to be. The Pampukh Festival is one of the largest Christmas celebrations in Ukraine and it's all about donuts! The sweet treats are a significant symbol of the season and thousands of them were made to become part of Guinness World Record history.


A huge tent across from the Opera House became home to the World's Largest Donut Mosaic. Over 7,000 plain and frosted donuts were strategically placed to depict the logo of the Pampukh Festival. It took a team of people the entire day to stack the donuts just right while a freezing crowd of supporters watched.


When the final donut was placed, a Guinness World Records official measured the mosaic as 10 meters 27 centimeters in length, 4 meters 53 centimeters in width, and the total number of doughnuts used was 7,040!


Other highlights of the festival included a Donut Eating Contest and a Housewife Cooking Contest. The latter involved Ukrainian women demonstrating their best donut recipes by baking some in the backyard of the Lviv Palace of the Arts!