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Picking the Suit That Suits You Best

6. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Having clothes that fit just right is the single quickest way to improve your looks. Russian and Ukrainian ladies love formal dress; a quality suit is sure to impress. But, what factors make a suit flattering and fitting on you? We explore each element, with the best styles and fit for every body type:


Fabric and Color: many fashion experts recommend wool, as it can be worn year-round. Depending on your climate, you may also wish to explore cotton or flannel. As for the color, a classic navy is good for your first suit. For additional ones, expand to charcoal gray or pin-stripes in dark blue or gray. 


Choosing a Jacket: Look for something with lapels that are neither too wide nor too narrow. Notched lapels have a crisp and classic look. If you are on the short side or a bit heavy, avoid double-breasted jackets, which can add weight. Most gentlemen look best in a single-breasted two-button jacket. Taller men should also consider three-button suits, but avoid ones that button too high, as they can look dated. When picking out a jacket, the fit across the shoulders is most important. Ask a salesperson to measure you so that you are able to pick out the right size.


Perfect-Fit Pants: Cuffed pants add weight to the bottom of a suit and smooth the leg. However, if you are on the short side, they are not a good choice, as they shorten your silhouette. If you are carrying a bit of extra weight, consider pleated pants, as these offer you a bit more room.


When you try the pants on, they should fall straight, without any puckers or wrinkles. The waist should sit closer to your hips than your navel. A properly fit pair of suit pants will stay up without the use of a belt.


Perfecting the Fit: Movie stars always look perfectly put together because every piece of clothing, from suits to t-shirts, is tailored to fit them. No one gets a perfect fit right off the rack. While having every piece of clothing tailored could be going overboard, you should at least have your suits altered for a perfect fit. After you buy a suit that is generally a good fit, take it to a tailor for final alterations. Ask friends or look for recommendations online to find a good but affordable tailor near you. Your tailor will probably adjust the sleeves and the fit of the pants for you, and leave with an outfit that has a perfect and flattering fit.