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4 Places to Watch Russian and Ukrainian TV Online

10. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Did you know you can legally watch live TV from Russia and Ukraine? Several websites offer FREE programs from Eastern Europe (and other nations) which viewers can stream online.


There are many benefits to watching Russian and Ukrainian TV programs. First, it can help you learn the language. How many times have you heard a foreigner say they learned English by watching shows from England or America?  Russian and Ukrainian television shows also reflect the countries’ cultures which can be a great help when dating women from Eastern Europe. Finally, Russian and Ukrainian women who have recently moved abroad will also appreciate the chance to watch familiar shows and keep up with events at home.  


With that in mind, here are four Russian and Ukrainian TV sites to check out. 



wwiTV features multiple channels from Russia and Ukraine. The Russian selection includes news, children, and documentary programs, while the Ukrainian listing has business, financial news, and general programming. 



SquidTV also features several channels from around the world, including Russia and Ukraine. Channels from Ukraine fall under News & General TV, Entertainment TV, Regional/Local TV, Sports TV, and Religious TV categories. Russian programming includes all of the above, plus categories for Educational, Children’s, Music, and Shopping.



UkrainaTV is dedicated solely to Ukrainian television. Visitors can watch live television, listen to live radio, or watch a variety of pre-recorded content such as documentaries, children’s shows, Ukrainian traditions pieces, and much more.  



FreeInterTV.com also offers a variety of programming, including Disney Russia, Ukrainian football, Good Films TV, Russian Music Box, comedy shows, and more. 


Happy viewing!