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Post Floyd The Wall: City Cafe in Art Rock Style

14. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Fans of Pink Floyd will be flabbergasted by the different textures, lights, and perception related contexts and dimensions of Post Floyd The Wall Cafe. Located in Kyiv, some of the specialties include the "meat salad" and the "dark side of the moon" shot. 


With large televisions throughout the dining rooms, guests can watch the Pink Floyd The Wall film at any time along with music videos and performances from the band. 


"The music which is in harmony with these walls: this is Pink Floyd, this is "The Wall," this is trans-art rock, this is the music that makes you think and contemplate, and look for the sense of life," explains the website.


The decor is an eclectic mix of unforgiving concrete, smooth glass, and technological equipment. Relax on a soft leather couch or perch upon a hard wooden chair. The lamps soar in the air and throw light only to the area right above the tables, leaving the ceiling in the dark and making an impression of dissolving and disappearing walls.


Don't let your favorite Russian bride feel like "just another brick in the wall." Treat her to a diverse and delicious dining experience at Post Floyd The Wall Cafe!