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President Medvedev Opens Russia Day at World Expo

28. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

The Russia Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo is the most popular, with over 6 million visitors since the exhibit opened on May 1st. Some guests have even waited up to 4 hours to experience the “fairy-tale city” which is a “dream come true”, as described by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping.


September 28th is Russia Day at the Expo and President Dmitry Medvedev was the honorary host.


He began with a speech, praising China on their success hosting one of the biggest events in the world, reiterating the Russia Pavilion’s theme of economic modernization and innovation, and welcoming Chinese investments for Russian high-tech industries. He then spent the day with Xi Jinping while they toured the Russian and Chinese Pavilions together.


Several new exhibits are being unveiled today at the Russian Pavilion, such as the Nadezhda sailing ship. The three-mast classic ship has won many international regattas, but has been used most recently for training and scientific experiments. The Nadezhda will be open for tours to the public.


A Russian Puzzle Championship is also being held today, as well as plenty of entertainment programs. Russia Day will conclude this evening with a grand gala concert.


Nearly 200 countries are represented at the World Expo this year which runs through October 31st.


Photo: RIA Novosti