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Prime Minister Tymoshenko: "Nobody will ever doubt Ukraine's existence"

24. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of Independence of Ukraine.


"Our new state, our native Ukraine is 18. This is adult age. This means that a new generation has grown in a free, independent and democratic Ukraine and that a new state of Ukraine has appeared and become firmly established. Nobody will ever doubt the existence of Ukraine, the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian people," reads the greeting posted at the official Web site of the Ukrainian government on Sunday.


The premier noted that Ukraine is currently living through hardships, as the international financial turmoil hasn't bypassed the country. However, the premier believes this to be temporary.


"I am asking you to trust in Ukraine, love it, respect your state, even if you are having hard times," Tymoshenko said.


Source: Kyiv Post