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Profile Card Icons Make Interaction Fast and Easy

4. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Once gentlemen create accounts and start viewing all of the gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian women online, they want the ability to contact them quickly and easily. HotRussianBrides.com offers simple, effective communication tools which are accessible right from the profile cards.


The profile cards appear on the left side of the page. They are often ladies who are online now, featured ladies, or those you’ve searched for. There are 5 icons on each profile card to help men utilize the most popular features with just one click.


The envelope icon

The first icon is for sending emails. If it’s your first time emailing a lady, the Introduction Letter email will open. If you’ve emailed her before, the Follow Up Letter email will open. Premium Members (Gold and Platinum) receive allotments of free Intro and Follow Up emails each month.


The instant messaging icon

The next icon is green and symbolizes people for the instant messaging feature. When the icon is lit up, the Russian bride is online now and you can open the chat window with just a click. When the icon is flashing, the lady is streaming live video so you can see her while you chat! Premium members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) receive 50% off instant messaging and live video streaming.


The heart icon

Click the orange heart icon to add a lady to your Favorites. If the icon is green that means the lady has added you to her Favorites, so clicking it will add her to your Matches. When the icon shows an X, the lady is already in your Favorites or Matches and clicking it will remove her from your Black Book.


The gift box icon

Gentlemen love showing their affection for Russian women by sending gifts. Click the gift box icon to add a lady to your gift list. The gift shop page opens and you can select something special to add to her gift basket. This page also keeps track of all the gifts you’ve sent to a lady.


The intro letter icon

Another way to quickly email a new lady is by clicking the orange circular “ i “ icon. This will open your Introduction Letter email. If this icon is grayed out, you have already introduced yourself to the lady and should click the first envelope icon to send a Follow Up email.


View these icon features in action by watching this Video Tutorial and start interacting with more hot Russian brides today!