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Profile Changes Are Good

20. March 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

At times, gentlemen will feel uneasy about changes in a lady’s profile, fearing she’s somehow corrupt or dishonest. However, there’s nothing to worry about. The women of Hot Russian Brides simply like to change things up from time to time in order to keep their profile fresh and attract more potential matches.

A User Name Change

When a lady changes her user name some critics say it’s because she’s a scammer who’s trying to hide something. However, that’s simply not the case. A lady will try to choose a memorable, positive and enticing user name, but she may find it’s not drawing enough interest or just isn’t a good fit, so she’ll try another. It's not unlike trying new outfits or hairstyles. If you’re worried about losing track of a particular lady, note her user ID number. That never changes.

A Change in Appearance

Speaking of hair styles, some men are confused when a blonde lady suddenly becomes a brunette or a woman pictured with red hair appears in live video streaming with blonde hair. Is this the same lady, they wonder, or is it someone else? Of course, it’s the same lady. She’s simply dyed her hair a different color. There is nothing unusual about that. Women around the word regularly cut and dye their hair, sometimes dramatically changing their appearance as a result. It’s nothing to get worked up about.

A Change in Photos, Profile Text

Some ladies refresh their profiles by adding new photos and/or making changes to the “About Me” and “Looking For” sections. They do this, not to hide or deceive, but to keep things fresh and attract the most possible matches. In fact, you should do the same thing! Profiles get stale after months and months of no changes. Online dating experts around the world recommend that singles switch up their profile photos and information to have the best possible success in their search.

Don’t fret if a lady changes her user name, appearance, profile photos, or text. She’s simply trying to keep things exciting and fresh. When it comes to online dating profiles, occasional changes are good.