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Putin Honors Hot Russian Rappers

18. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a surprise appearance on Russia's Muz-TV's ‘Battle for Respect’  contest for MCs, graffiti artists, and break-dancers on a music channel in Russia.


He handed out awards, chatted up some hot Russian girls in the audience, and declared his public support of hip-hop.


The Prime Minister, wearing a white turtleneck and dark zippered jacket, drew wild applause when took to the stage and expressed his approval of the program, which promotes a drug-free lifestyle.


He told the audience: "Rap, even urban rap and street rap, is kind of crude, but is filled with social content and addresses the problems of youth." 


He praised other forms of youthful expression: "Graffiti is becoming a real art form – refined and polished. Break dancing is something completely unique.”


Putin didn't rap himself, but did manage to garner fresh worldwide attention for Russian hip-hop.


Watch the video here!