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Pyramid Power in Moscow

21. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Ukrainian scientist Aleksandr Golod began constructing his amazing fiberglass pyramids in the 1980s. He believed that pyramidal power would benefit mankind and make the world a better place. Today there are 17 pyramids throughout Russia, and at least 20 more in other countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia.


The largest pyramid is located in a field on the outskirts of Moscow and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. At 144 feet tall and weighing 55 tons, this giant structure was made without a single nail. Inside the pyramid, many guests admit experiencing a magical feeling. Small pyramid replicas, crystal balls and multicolored glass globes are displayed in the center and booths selling similar items as souvenirs line the outer walls.


Golod and a team of scientists have performed several studies inside the pyramid to help confirm the structure’s positive properties. Test results have shown that radioactive substances placed in the pyramid become less radioactive, the immune systems of organisms increase, specific properties of medicines increase, and strengths of viruses and bacteria decrease. Even Russian military radar has detected an energy column above the pyramid which is thought to have helped repair the ozone layer.


Another study of the pyramid’s power involved prison inmates. Crystalline substances were charged inside the pyramid and placed inside a jail holding 5,000 prisoners. After 11 months, the mortality rate significantly dropped and less crimes were being committed. Even the prison guards reported that the inmates became more humane.


Whether or not you believe in the healing and energizing powers of the pyramid, this architectural masterpiece is a must see attraction. Experience the science and spirituality for yourself when you travel to meet some beautiful Russian brides in Moscow!