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Quick Facts & Sexy Students [16 pics inside!]

18. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Is your favorite Ukrainian lady a student? Many young ladies are; when it comes to college graduates, Ukraine ranks 4th in all of Europe.






Ukraine’s public schooling lasts 11 years and includes primary, secondary base and secondary complete levels. The education levels are broken up by age and are roughly equivalent to primary school, middle school and high school in the US.







Homeschooling is expressly legal under Ukrainian federal law, but, many local school boards do not agree; there is an ongoing legal challenge in Ukraine from homeschooling families.





Universities in Ukraine offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees; some schools also offer a 5-year Specialist’s degree, which is a holdover from the Soviet era.






As of 2010, there were nearly 900 universities, technical schools and colleges in Ukraine. The number is expected to fall, however, due to university mergers.





About 6% of Ukraine’s GDP goes to education; education officials in Ukraine would like to increase that to 10%.




The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is Ukraine’s oldest continuously operational university. The school first opened in 1632 as the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.






In 2011, two Ukrainian universities cracked the top 200 in the list of the world’s top schools for the first time. 








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