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Ready to Call a Russian Woman?

3. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men are understandably eager to chat with a favorite lady over the phone instead of over the web. Here’s what members need to do in order to request a woman’s personal contact information.

In case you didn’t know, members of Hot Russian Brides can’t exchange personal contact information without first completing the Intimacy Request process. This policy exists to comply with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) and to keep members safe from harm and harassment.

So what exactly is an Intimacy Request? In short, it’s a formal request to exchange personal contact information with a woman. A man must be a Qualified Member and IMBRA approved before he can make a request (learn more here). Once a lady approves an Intimacy Request, she and a gentleman can communicate off HotRussianBrides.com and even make plans to meet. Here’s a tutorial showing exactly how to submit a request.

It’s important to note that while here’s no specific timeline for submitting requests, it’s generally best to establish a connection with a woman before asking for her phone number. Once you do have a lady’s number in hand, make sure you’re calling at a convenient time. You don’t want to be the guy who calls at 3 a.m. because you forgot about the time difference.

Many men want to speak to a Russian woman right away, but there are steps members of HRB must take before they can call a potential match. Be patient, be polite, and you’ll be speaking to a lady in no time.