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Rejecting Scammer Agencies is a Differentiator

16. June 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

One of the main reasons we have succeeded in the Russian Dating industry for almost 7 years is our high standards and requirements in ethics, integrity and quality services while accepting exclusive dating/marriage agencies onto our site.

It would be easier to let every single Russian dating agency onto our site and not have any standards. Instead, we have chosen to reject over 500 agencies through the years due to their poor business skills and low ethical standards. HotRussianBrides.com is always investigating and taking decisive actions to prevent our members from being taken advantage of.

Keep in mind that the agency serves as a safe-haven for the ladies to communicate with would-be suitors in a secure and chaperoned environment. Many of the ladies do not feel comfortable disclosing their personal information (including email) to a gentleman until she has gotten to know him well. HotRussianBrides provides that security, on both sides making the potential to find someone greater. If an agency is a known scammer or a place where women are exploited or deceived, then we will not put our members or ourselves at risk by being involved with them.

We have demonstrated this commitment time and time again, which has always set HotRussianBrides.com apart from any other company in the industry.