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Remember, Russian Brides are Still on Holiday Hiatus

6. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Sexy Ukrainian bride, KittyDizzy

While Christmas and New Year celebrations are long forgotten in many parts of the world, those who follow the ancient Julian calendar are getting ready to party again. Schools and many businesses in countries of the former Soviet Union remain closed this week and most of next as they enjoy an extended holiday vacation.


Russian and Ukrainian women are looking forward to celebrating the Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, while ringing in the New Year on January 13th. Gentlemen often worry about their favorite ladies this time of year because they may not receive email replies as quickly as usual. They may just be traveling to visit family and friends, or simply relaxing at home and relishing the time off.


The harsh winter weather may also prevent ladies from going to the agencies to use the computers as often. Since many walk or take public transportation, the snow and ice make traveling treacherous.


Since today is Christmas Eve, many Ukrainian brides are busy cooking their traditional twelve-dish supper known as Sviata Vecheria, or Holy Supper. They prepare twelve meatless dishes to represent the twelve apostles who shared the last meal with Christ. After the meal, families will sing Ukrainian Christmas Carols and enjoy each other’s company. Some women also participate in all-night Christmas vigils in the many Orthodox cathedrals.


While these factors may cause some girls to log on less frequently, many others use this extra free time to increase their online activity. This is an excellent time to introduce yourself to ladies you haven’t seen before, as they are usually busy with hectic work and school schedules the rest of the year.


Before you know it, the long holiday season will be over and your hot Russian brides will be back online and eager to share their celebration stories!