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Report: One in Seven Moscow Women Marry a Foreigner

11. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Think Russian women rarely marry foreign suitors? Think again. According to recent statistics, one in seven Moscow women marry a foreigner, with most ladies settling down with men from Turkey, Germany, Israel, the U.S, Great Britain, and Afghanistan, The Voice of Russia reports.

Irina Muravyeva, the head of the Moscow Civil Registry office, reported that 4,500 international marriages were registered in Russia’s capital from January – June 2011. The office also found that marriages among citizens of the former Soviet Union are decreasing. Women in Ukraine also commonly marry men who reside outside of the FSU.

So why do so many Russian ladies wed gentlemen outside their country? According to psychologist and writer Sergey Klyuchnikov, many women are motivated by the desire to see the world and experience new things. Foreign suitors are often driven by the same things, making Russian women and Western men a great match.

However, international marriages are not effortless. All marriages come with challenges, regardless of the origin of the bride and groom, and differing views on culture, values, and societal expectations, are a few unique obstacles Russian brides and Western grooms face. Like any union, international marriages require compromise and open, honest communication. 

"People often marry without understanding that the marriage is not about a holiday romance but living together,” said Klyuchnikov. “This may become a big problem. Difference in mentalities is another key problem. Everyone grew up in a certain system of values and should be flexible to the foreign values.”

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