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"Rescue Me" episode features a Russian Bride

27. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Russian brides (derrogatorily referred to as "mail order brides") are making their way into the American TV mainstream. Battalion Chief "Needles" Nelson (Adam Ferrara) on the hit FX show "Rescue Me" was hiding something. Deputy Chief Sidney Feinberg has this dirt on Needles. Do you know what it is? On Season 5 Episode 16, it is revealed that Needles has a Russian bride. Snezyana (Madison McKinley) made her first appearence when she stopped by the firehouse to see Needles and a few of the main characters were struggling to check her out and look up her skirt. It's not Shakespeare, but its a step in the right direction. Rescue Me is an American television drama series which focuses on the professional and personal lives of a group of New York City firefighters in the fictional Firehouse 62.