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Resolving Misunderstandings in Russian Dating

15. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Any romantic relationship is bound to have its share of misunderstandings. In Russian dating, you have not just the issues that most other couples have, but also those that come from a long distance relationship and a language barrier. But, as with any relationship, how you resolve those differences will be the predictor of whether your romance is a success.


Always Assume Error Before Malice

If something seems wrong in the communication between you and your Russian bride, always ask for a clarification, and be patient while you work out an answer. No one likes to be accused of things by their boyfriend or girlfriend. Suspicion can kill a romance. Calling a Russian lady a scammer hurts her feelings, and can make any dispute worse. Chances are, any issue that comes up between the two of you is a simple misunderstanding.


Be Patient

Remember, there are cultural differences between her country and yours. Even if she speaks English well, there can be misunderstandings due to differences in language. And, if she goes to the agency to read her email, it could sometimes be a couple of days before you get replies to your messages to her. Wait patiently for replies, and ask questions to clarify if something doesn’t seem right.


If You Two Do Have a Spat, Stay Kind and Calm

The advice that applies to any disagreement in a relationship applies twice as much here. Never make accusations. Never call names. Always talk in terms of how you are feeling, rather than projecting motives or emotions onto her. By always taking a compassionate tone and attitude, you make your relationship stronger as you work out your differences.


Try to Work It Out with Her First

Our customer service representatives are there to help if there is are serious issues or violations of the rules of our site. However, it’s best to attempt to work out any disagreements before involving us in a romantic dispute. Escalating a disagreement makes it that much harder for you and your bride to come to a resolution. 


Relationships take work; a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian lady is no exception. But, when you are patient and kind, you increase your chances of finding a lady who is perfect for you and forming a strong and happy relationship.